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The Gandaberunda and Sharabha - Most fiercest mythical creatures from the past

The Gandaberunda and Sharabha - Most fiercest mythical creatures from the past
1. The Gandaberunda (also known as the Berunda) is a two-headed mythological birdoutside of main Hindu mythology thought to possess magical strength. It is capable of dealing with ultimate forces of destruction,and it is seen as an intricately sculptured motif in a Hindu temple.
2. Sharabha is a creature in Hindu mythology that is part lion and part bird. According to Sanskrit literature, Sharabha is an eight-legged beast, mightier than a lion and elephant and which can kill the lion. Sharabha, can clear a valley in one jump. In later literature, Sharabha is described as an eight-legged deer.

3.As per Vedic scriptures , After Narasimha had slain demon Hiranyakashipu, through the taste of blood, Narasimha did not let go of his dreadful form. Shiva assumed the Avatar (incarnation) of Sharabha to pacify Narasimha - the fierce man-lion avatar of Vishnu worshipped by Vaishnava sect. This form is popularly known as Sarabeshwara ("Lord Sarabha") or Sharabeshwaramurti. Another tale narrates that Vishnu assumed the form of the ferocious Gandaberunda bird-animal to combat Sharabha.Eventually combat stopped realising the true self of each other,there are plenty of alternate endings both from shaivites and vaishnavites.In Buddhism, Sharabha appears in Jataka Tales as a previous birth of the Buddha.
4. The Government of Karnataka, the University of Mysore and the Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Limited (KSDL-an industrial unit owned by the Government of Karnataka) have adopted Sharabha, with modifications and also appropriate justifications, as their emblem or logo.In Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Limited logo, Sharabha is depicted in the form of a body of a lion with the head of an elephant to represent the virtues of wisdom, courage and strength.[34] The Royal Emblem of Mysore has also been adopted by the University of Mysore as their logo too. This logo displays Gandabherunda flanked on either side by the lion-elephant Sharabha - stronger than the lion and the elephant and defender of uprightness, surmounted by a lion.

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