Friday, January 1, 2016

Legendary King Vikramadithya

Legendary King Vikramadithya
1.I am not sure wether we can call him legendary or not(according to me if we don't have required facts that doesn't mean it's legendary)
2.I know everyone are well aware of vikram-betal stories and many would be aware of throne of vikramadithya and stories regarding it.

3.Today i just want to know your opinion on this topic(wether legendary or real) after i put my points.
4,As per sources it is told that Vikramadithya ruled Ujjain during 1st century BC.Qualities and greatness of vikramadithya was highly praised two of the greatest sanskrit works(Pratisarga Parvan of Bhavisya Purana,katha-sarit sagara)
5.As we all know, there's an Era named after him, Vikramarka Era or vikramarka saka(56BC-78AD) and it's not a legend it's a historical fact.
6.If we go through story of Vikramadithya, we find vikramadithya's elder brother is Brathruhari, and younger brother is Bhatti.Where Brathruhari is famous for his influencial works in sanskrit and Bhatti for his intelligence.
7.Let's think for a while King Vikramadithya is legendary,then what about Brathruhari and his works, ok, for a while we consider there's same name but two different people, in that case do we have solid timeline(birth and death) about poet Brathruhari? frankly we know nothing, we just made assumptions based on chinese piligrim's record.So why can't we accept Brathruhari is single person and he is elder brother of King Vikramadithya? hmmmm....
8.I am not sure wether i can connect these two points are not, "Bhatti Kavya" written by Bhatti a very famous sanskrit literary work,here is the same story,We don't know correct timeline about poet Bhatti( as per my little research).So.... Hope u got my point.Along with all these unanswered questions i can't accept King Vikramadithya as legendary king.What about you??

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