Friday, January 1, 2016


Beautiful love story from the past


1.Kumaragiri reddi(1385-1407),very famous and brave king from Reddy dynasty(1325-1424) that ruled many parts of present day Andhra Pradesh from Kondaveedu as their capital.Apart from bravery,King Kumara giri reddi himself a scholar and poet, a patorn and connoisseur.The king had a penchant for celebrating the spring festival a lavish scale and earned title of KARPOORA VASANTHA RAAYA( who celebrates vasantha(spring)season )

2.But Once Lakuma enters his life,his life style changes completely.Lakuma is an embodiment of grace and beauty,a very talented dancer.With her wonderful dancing skills,she earned the position of RAJA NARTHAKI(court dancer,which is a very high and respectable position those days).With her beauty and talent,she steals the heart of King.

3.The king turns into a admirer and lover to this wonderful lady.King with the help of Lakuma wrote a book titled VASANTHA RAJEEYAM(regarding DANCE).In his absence the court and administration was taken care by his brother in law( wife's brother) Kataya Vema Reddi, a war hero,he even defended the state from Bahamani Sultans(neighboring enemies) in kings absence.

4.But slowly King started ignoring his duties and wife completely.Slowly people in his kingdom started feeling a kind of insecurity.Even the enemy kingdoms came to know the king's absence in the court.Many court officials requested king to resume his duties,due to his mad love towards Lakuma, he ignored everyone.

5. As the situation is becoming worse,Queen meets Lakuma and requests her to leave the King otherwise the whole kingdom is going to suffer the consequences.She pleads her and even gets ready to touch her Lakuma's feet.Lakuma knows the love, king had on her.King can never leave her until she is alive.Even she loved king so much,but to save the kingdom and make king realise his duty,She decided to sacrifice her life.

6.Lakuma's sacrifice for her love,for her kingdom and for her people remained eternal.Even today people pay tribute to her through literature,poetry,dance and drama.This beautiful tale of courtly love stands as a example for true meaning of love.


  1. truly enchanting story of supreme sacrifice to set aside personal love to the cause of the nation!!!!!

  2. very interesting episode.. want to know the origin of the word lakuma.....

  3. Nice to know such a bravery,talented court dancer lakuma and her sacrifice towards the kingdom is eternal.
    And pls let us know any other such kind of stories in the andhra history.