Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Peddamudiam - Pride of Andhra Pradesh

Peddamudiam, a village in Kadapa district near Jammalamadugu.It is a beautiful calm village with lush green farms away from the hustle and bustle of cities. To reach this village ,one needs to ask route from Jammalamadugu,Buses are available from Jammalamadugu. This village is very important ,because it holds the great heriatge of our past.Peddamudium or Peddamudiam village has many protected monuments,each monument has its own importance

 The monuments in the village has unique style of architecture. Most of the monuments in this village are ASI (Archeological Survey of India) recognized monuments, But these monuments in a very deplorable condition which need immediate attention. Any heritage lover, any spiritual seeker can’t welcome the present vulnerable situation of this architectural marvels.

List of monuments in Peddamudiam
Ugra Narasimaha Temple – The most neglected temple, beautiful architecture, believed to be built by Cholas, later developed by Vijayanagaras. Always deserted, but a pandit from neighboring village comes in the morning for performing basic Pooja for Lord.The compound wall and entrance of the temple are in dilapidated condition.This temple needs a special mention for its exceptional architecture, intricate carvings of figures and stories of our mythology exhilerate every visitor for sure

Mukundeswara Temple Complex – There are 5 temples in this temple complex, 2 Shiva Temples, 1 Narasimha Shrine, 1 Karthikeya Shrine and 1 Shrine for NagaGrahas..This temple complex is the oldest temple Complex in the village, Compared to Ugra Narasimha Shrine…these temples are in better condition. Though there is no Information board about the era or dynasty they were built, we can easily infer they are very early type of construction and very unique style of Architecture. After multiple trails of finding the basic information about this sites, what I inferred is, they existed from Sathavahana Era later flourished in Pallavas and Cholas time.One can easily spot the marks of Pallava and Chola architecture in the temples

Kodanda Rama Shrine and Old Village Site – Though these shrine looks like Vijayanagara Style of architecture, Can’t say for sure, as the temple was closed(when we visited), and there is an ancient village site as well, but couldn’t get much information about that(No information boards here) is just a barren land with fencing.There are big bastions(buruju) in the village, as per villagers it is 300 years old.

 If correctly publicized , this beautiful village may get the transformation of busy tourist hub, great learning center ,a heritage village , which creates job oportunities for local villagers as well.Peddamudiam village has great potential to pull crowds here.

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